I have a bit of an obsession with


I have a bit of an obsession with graffiti. Anybody who knows me well will tell you I’m a terrible person to walk around London (my home city) with. Why? Because I want to stop every five minutes and take another photo of some awesome street art I’ve noticed. I like the idea of people claiming and re-claiming their own city. Making it theirs, leaving a mark and making people notice. I find a lot of beauty in changing a formerly grey concrete wall into a beautiful mess of colour. My favourite place to find myself is the legal graffiti area on Leake Street, behind Waterloo station. I love that every single time I go it’s different. Sometimes I’m blown away, sometimes I’m left mildly disappointed (I’m really not a fan of tags). What I find incredible is some of the work that’s always left alone. Never covered. Like the above words. I think that speaks volumes. There’s a certain unspoken line of respect. However, at the same time there’s beauty in the brevity of the work that’s painted and then painted over. Nothing can stay the same forever.

I believe graffiti is an excellent demonstration of the New Modernist. It is a fleeting capturing of modern life as it is. Then it’s gone, lost under another layer of paint.





So, this was my first trip into Modernism. The old penguin pool at London Zoo.

Suffice to say this pool no longer houses penguins. However, it is one of the great examples of modernist architecture in Britain. Built by Berthold Lubetkin, it is undoubtedly a thing of beauty… wasn’t so great for the poor little penguins though. Penguins on the whole (probably) aren’t interested in what might be considered architectural genius and appear to much prefer their newer home which maybe isn’t quite so striking, but is much more practical. Penguins are pretty great though. I mean: