Mini Existential Crisis.

So, today I’m spending a bit of time writing a statement about myself for the website. I hate writing about myself, it’s like in an interview when they say: ‘so tell us a little bit about yourself’ and you panic and have an existential crisis there and then. Oh my, who am I?! What do I do?! What am I doing here?! DOES LIFE HAVE ANY REAL MEANING?! I’m sort of doing that on a reduced scale at the moment. Well, I would be, but I am in fact here. Procrastinating. It could be worse, I could be procrastibaking.




So, this was my first trip into Modernism. The old penguin pool at London Zoo.

Suffice to say this pool no longer houses penguins. However, it is one of the great examples of modernist architecture in Britain. Built by Berthold Lubetkin, it is undoubtedly a thing of beauty… wasn’t so great for the poor little penguins though. Penguins on the whole (probably) aren’t interested in what might be considered architectural genius and appear to much prefer their newer home which maybe isn’t quite so striking, but is much more practical. Penguins are pretty great though. I mean:


Time stops for no man. Well except Bernard, because he had that awesome watch. Bernard aside, time stops for no man. So why should literature? The answer is it shouldn’t. I’m not a book snob, and I’m not one of those that thinks there’s a special place in hell for Kindles (proud Kindle owner since 2011). I take great enjoyment in the fact that people are still choosing to read for pleasure; that literature is continuing to evolve. I strongly believe that in order to progress and develop we need to look at what came before and learn from it. Contraband Books is learning and developing and we’re publishing what we care about; The New Modernist. We’re not a company so large that it’s hard to spot a singular at all. We’re here as individuals, making a difference in the publishing world. So, hi, I’m Sarah, it’s lovely to meet you. What’s going to be going on in this space? Well, I have a mild, and in fact quite manageable, addiction to the psychogeographic. So there’s going to be a lot of that and a bit of whatever else manages to sneak in too. Follow this blog for more about Contraband Books, the books I’ll be publishing and what it’s like to work as an editorial assistant.

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